Is Africa really “rising”?

Source: TEDxEuston

ALI A. MUFURUKI is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Tanzania Central Bank, Member of the Board Directors Technoserve, Inc. of Washington, DC and Board Member of Nation Media Group of Kenya. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board Wananchi Group Holdings Kenya, Chairman of The CEOs’ Roundtable of Tanzania and the Trustee–Mandela Institute of Development Studies (MINDS), South Africa, and Chairman of The Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa.

As an African business leader, Ali Mufuruki implored the TEDxEuston audience to scrutinise the ‘Africa rising’ narrative. In the words of young political commentator, Inez Sarkodee-Adoo , he took to the stage, boldly questioning why 6-7% GDP growth was considered impressive for African economies while 8% growth is dubbed a recession for China.  He asked why “60 years later Africa is still negotiating on a global scale for aid”.

In his speech, Mr. Mufuruki cites three short stories that can be easily paraphrased as “Africa is NOT Rising”, “Africans are NOT Changing” and “A dire prediction for Africa and the World”

These are hard questions, but questions that have to be asked on the TEDxEuston stage. Ali builds his argument in a way that will make you pause to think…and watch it again.

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