I long for an Africa…

I long for an Africa where we no longer are shackled from our past, a continent no longer riddled with death, destruction and disease; A continent where children and adults alike are rooted in their being, that being a people of diverse and rich history, resource wealth, immense kindness and profound intellect. A people rooted in the essence of who they’ve always been.

I long to see a continent that exemplifies Ubuntu; an inner and outer knowing that I AM BECAUSE WE ARE. Socially one, politically and economically integrated, no longer plagued by the vices of corruption, class division and that imminent disease…individualism.

I long to see an Africa where the child born this hour in Ghana and the one born within the next in Lesotho are healthy and wealthy not because of aristocracy or other family affiliations, but because of the immense wealth generated by the governments and the governed through legitimate egalitarian systems of development.

I long for the day when my friend Ines from Cape Verde, will call to give me the good news of her newly born child and I will readily and easily hop onto the next flight unfettered by cost or connection; a continent wide unmatched strong infrastructural system. That when Patrigue from DRC calls to inform on the same, I will be elated from it as well as at the ease at which she was able to deliver. That her health is of top priority to the government. That her well being before, during and after child birth have been catered to, same goes to her husband. Maternal deaths and child mortality a thing of the past.

I long for an Africa where leaders have a proclivity for action over rhetoric. That they will continuously strive to build a strong nationhood, unbridled by external forces. That they will do this first among themselves and then with pragmatic partners continuously and tirelessly, with utmost dedication,discipline and zeal.

That one day the East Asian Tigers will finally remark with exasperation and joy, “What took you this long?” “Let us forge on!”

I long for the day my yet to be born children will tell me of their ambitions to be budding entrepreneurs in Lagos, Banjul and Abidjan and I will wish them well with unwavering confidence, not because of favoritism in the system but because of a robust, healthy and competitive African market that inspires and rewards innovation and creativity.

That when the world looks on and marvels at this continent, they will immerse themselves in the beauty of our transformation, the beauty of our well written and documented stories, because after all….behind the glory there’s always a profound story.

I earnestly long for an Africa that is integrated, prosperous and at peace with itself.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nebila Abdulmelik
    Jun 27, 2015 @ 05:40:23

    I love it Nyagz! Beautifully and articulatly written!



  2. afriqana
    Jul 10, 2015 @ 10:04:38

    Well written

    Liked by 1 person


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