Does it ever cross your mind on how the girls are this very moment? Their thoughts, their fears, their dreams, their tears?

Has it ever crossed your mind on how many are 6 months pregnant today, angry, tired, bitter and enveloped in pain?

Has it also crossed your mind on what the parents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, friends and neighbours of these girls feel today? The thoughts racing through their minds every split second? The anguish, the agony; not knowing if and when their little girls are coming home?

Has it crossed your mind?

Dear girls,

We are so sorry for taking so long to come for you.

We hold your families’ anguish in our words, our thoughts, our prayers, our poems and in our songs. We are remembering you and you are not forgotten. We dream with you and long for the day of your safe return with eager anticipation.

Our hearts bleed at the thoughts of where you are right now; and pray earnestly to God to give you renewed strength, renewed hope, renewed dreams, because dear girls, we are coming for you. We will not let the world sleep when you are still out there in unimaginable conditions.

We will not let your dreams of being safe, healthy and educated women die, because dear ones, you are our future. You will come back home and regain your health, strength, sanity and peace of mind. You will get back what is rightfully yours. A secure and peaceful life; a life filled with promise and prosperity.

You dear one’s will heal my broken bones tomorrow, you will teach my future children in school, you will fly me to my next destination and you will cook the world’s greatest meal. You will drop the greatest album, nurse my aging self to health, and you will definitely fix my daughters teeth. I cannot wait to see you shine in Nollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood.

I will watch you on TV with tears welling up in my eyes, and not because I am sad, but because you are the journalist on my screen who presents the news with zeal, energy and enthusiasm in her eyes, a broad and genuine smile.

You will remind me each day, that there is a God who heals, who restores and who delivers.

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